Apr 19, 2020 08:18 PM EDT


Kenny Shupp Jr.  Public Relations Director

(Dundee, NY) To the best of our knowledge there has never been an official Hall of Fame established at the Outlaw Speedway.

During this period that we thought we would never experience relevant to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has given us an opportunity to stop and reflect on better times including the history of the famed Yates County Oval.

According to current Outlaw Speedway track owner/promoter Tyler Siri and his partner, Jordan Lynch, “Any other year we would be into our second or third week of racing, but with the Coronavirus that has plagued the entire planet we are in a holding pattern and it may be that way  for quite some time. If we can’t physically race at the track and see our loyal racers and fans, we thought this would be the perfect time to get moving on a Hall of Fame.”

Many other race venues and organizations across the nation promote working Hall of Fame’s with inductions on an annual basis.  Others only induct entrants Bi-Annually or on an as needed basis. It varies from place to place.

It is the feeling of Siri and Lynch that a Hall of Fame is long overdue at Outlaw Speedway.

“The track has been here for almost three quarters of a century.  There is a very rich history and tradition surrounding this place and a who’s who list of drivers, car owners, sponsors, former promoters, fans and employees that have been involved going back to the days of the Fair Board that used to run the place and even beyond that.”

According to Outlaw Speedway Public Relations Director, Kenny Shupp Jr., “We felt like now would be a good time to throw this out to the folks that have a lot of interest in Outlaw Speedway.  Everyone badly wants to race, and we can’t right now, but we can at least put the thought of a Hall of Fame out to the fans and see how they respond. If this “pause” pattern continues and the fact we can’t race continues for the foreseeable future, we can get people thinking about what went on in the past at the Outlaw Speedway and get their thoughts on this matter”!   

The goal is to move forward with a committee consisting of several men and women that have a long history with the track, and they would make any decisions relevant to any inductions and when the event would happen.  To handle this correctly and inquire into any potential inductees’ history, it takes time. Their backgrounds need to be thoroughly researched and documented. The track is all in with a Hall of Fame, but it is going to done right.

In the short-term fans are encouraged to use the tracks Facebook to send in their thoughts and any potential inductee that they would like to see enshrined when the HoF comes into fruition.

“As we move forward there will be strict protocol and guidelines as to who qualifies and who does not.  Again, we will see what the masses think about all this and we will proceed from their responses.” That again from Siri and Lynch.


Those wishing to send their thoughts along can do so by chiming in at www.Facebook.com/OutlawSpeedwayLLC/.  

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