Apr 16, 2020 03:45 PM EDT


Kenny Shupp Jr.  PR Director

(Dundee, NY)    Any race activity at the Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, NY will now have to wait until after May 15, 2020.  

A recent declaration by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo will continue to put on hold any mass public gatherings which will virtually handcuff race facilities like Outlaw Speedway to swing open the gates.

“We are still under a red flag situation stated Outlaw Speedway owner/promoter, Tyler Siri.  We continue to follow the guidelines presented by both the State of New York and the Federal Government relevant to social distancing and mass gatherings.  There are still health and safety concerns evolving around the COVID -19 Pandemic, so we have to follow the guidelines and do our part to promote a safe environment.”

With the popular Outlaw Speedway remaining silent thru at least May 15 it will mean numerous special events that were already scheduled will have to be either transferred to a later date or scrapped all together.

“At this point it is almost impossible to predict anything stated Siri.  We have already lost the Lucas Oil Nationals along with the Cindy Lane Memorial Spring Nationals.  Two very high-profile events which would have opened the season. With this most recent announcement we are now faced with the loss or rescheduling of the Gene Dupuy Memorial which was set for May 1 as well as the Short Track Super Series event on Wednesday, May 13. We can’t reschedule to much at this point simply because we have no idea how long the current protocol will be in effect.”

As future events continue to unfurl or any further changes are necessitated they will be posted on the tracks Facebook account at www.Facebook.com/OutlawSPeedwayLLC/.  


The Outlaw Speedway wants to reassure all their loyal drivers, race teams, fans, employees and sponsors that the facility is 100% ready to go and that everything is in place to open the gates for race competition as soon as the green flag waves and we can get back to business.

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