Oct 20, 2012 10:55 PM EST

Teddy Morseman Scores Street Stock Empire 100

Ryan Susice Dominates Modified Shootout


Rich Vleck, DUNDEE, NY, (October 20, 2012)- Teddy Morseman has always been a strong runner throughout the years, but he took it to a new level on a busy Saturday Afternoon.


Morseman, of Woodhull, NY, lead at the halfway point of the Empire 100, but lost the lead on the ensuring restart to Rich Green, the defending winner of their biggest race of the year.  A lap later, though, Morseman was back out in front and would keep it there the rest of the way.


“It’s amazing,” stated Morseman in front of his No. 44 in Victory Lane. “It’s the biggest race I’ve ever ran so it’s the biggest race I’ve ever won.”


Morseman won his heat race but pulled the 12th place starting position, the worst possible spot from the redraw; it did not seem to faze him though as he quickly made his way in to the top five.  He took the lead just before halfway but once reassuming the race lead had to worry more about his car than other drivers.


“Had the tire start to go away so I knew I had to be careful,” noted Morseman after the event.


The second half of the race was run with very little interruption, with only the two cautions in the final 50 laps.  Chris Fisher and Rich Green swapped the runner-up spot on multiple occasions, with Fisher, the track champion and the only two-time winner of the Empire 100, crossing in second.


Green brought it home in third while AJay Potzrebowski drove up to fourth.  Earl Zimmer got by Rich Talada late in the race to round out the top five.  They were the last cars on the lead lap.


Ryan Susice had two wins this season, but still he felt he had left a lot on the table this season, but that all changed with a dominating performance in the 25-Lap Big Block/Small Block Modified Shootout.


“This one is real special for us,” declared Susice. “This is a dream come true.”


Sucise, of Ransomville, started third on the grid after winning his heat race, but was a factor from the beginning, taking the lead from polesitter Dale Welty on lap four.  But on a lap eight restart, Bob Henry Jr. drove around him on the outside and drove away; slowly but surely though, Sucise began to track him back down.


“We were waiting for the tire to come in,” added Susice. “The tire was coming in late in the race, so it was just a matter of hitting your marks because you had to be on the bottom in turns three and four.”


On lap 16, as Henry caught the tail end of the field, Sucise began to reel him back in, but would take back the lead in an instant when Henry got pinned behind a lapped car; two laps later, Henry and frontrunner Alan Barker got caught up in a jingle and totally changed the complexion of the event.


Alan Johnson, the winner of this event last year, would inherit second place and appeared to be poised to repeat but Susice got stronger as the race went along and would cruise to the win. “AJ Slideways” was pleased with his second-place effort, setting him up for November’s $6,000-to-win Empire Finale, an event that Susice, along with seventh-place Billy VanPelt now have guaranteed starting spots for.


Chris Hile, who charged early from 13th to 3rd lost that final podium spot late in the race when Brady Fultz soared around him on the outside, but the Syracuse, NY driver stayed steady on the bottom and got back by him to finish third.  Fultz would settle for an impressive fourth place effort while Ray Bliss rounded out the top five.


Boyd MacTavish has perennially been a visitor to the Finger Lakes each October, but for the first time he got out in front and kept it up there, as he dominated the Crate Sportsman Feature.


MacTavish, of St. Catherines, Ontario, started in third but had the lead by the time the first lap was completed and never looked back in a race that was slowed heavily by cautions.


“I knew I wanted to get up to the front early so started up there helped for sure,” noted the MacTavish in Victory Lane in front of Jim Johnstone’s No. 21JJ.


The race was shortened to 26 laps, which did not make much of a difference for MacTavish, as he held a steady lead over fellow Ransomville regular Greg Martin, who would cross for second.  Brad Rouse, another Niagara Frontier driver, drove up to finish third, while fellow Canadian George Bosse was fourth.  Rounding out the top five was BRS regular Fran Hilton.


Bryce Davis was the class of the field in the first ever Crate/360 Late Model Challenge, dominating the 25-lap event to win yet another late season race at Black Rock Speedway.


Davis, of Canisteo, won his heat race, started on the outside pole, and took the lead for good on the second circuit after local favorite Quinn Sutherland led the opening lap.  The rest of the way he stayed smooth in his No. 94 to never feel a challenge.


Davis, had a healthy lead over the rest of the pack, including A.J. Kinglsey, who made it a 1-2 finish for the crate-powered entry.  Double duty drivers Billy VanPelt was the first 360 late model across the line with a third place finish.  Greg Belyea and Shayne Tenace rounded out the top five in their crate entries.


Dale Schweikart was the dominant force in the World Products IMCA Modified Empire State Series, leading the entire 25-lap feature for his second series race of the year.

Schweikart, of Linden, PA, took command from the pole position and never looked back, holding a healthy advantage over Dan Searles, who crossed in second.  Series point leader Eddie Sites drove up to third while George Fultz held off a hard-charging Ryan Scott for fourth.


The long day of racing ended on a strange note as Chad Ayers and Jayson Smart, two BRS regulars who were going for their first wins, came together going in to the final set of corners.  Smart took the lead on lap 18 but handed it back to Ayers coming to the white flag.  Smart tried to get the top spot back but got in to the back of the No. 9A, which allowed Bill Werner to score the surprise victory.  Jason Gleason, Russ Wassner, Cody Baker and James Werner completed the top five.


There still is one more race left on the BRS schedule this season, coming in two weeks for the Empire Finale featuring a $6,000-to-win Modified event and the $10,000-to-win Big One Enduro.  For more information visit


Black Rock Speedway Results: 10/20/2012-

Dutch Hoag National Open


Empire 100 Street Stock Feature (100 Laps)- TEDDY MORSEMAN JR., Chris Fisher, Rich Green, AJay Potztrebowski, Earl Zimmer, Rich Talada, Gene Sharpsteen, Andy Michael, Dylan Cecce, Mike Schultz, Jeremy Potzrebowski, Tom Eiklor, Kurt Decker, Butch Green, Jon Carpenter, Tim Gullo, Bob Buono, Brett Marlatt, Don Russell Jr., Larry Fenton Jr., Shane Wolf Sr., Nate Daggett, Louie Gordinier, Jared Hill, Nate Peckham, Brenton Miller, Mike Welch.


Lap Leaders- Peckham 1-7, Cecce 8-38, R. Green 39-45, Morseman 46-50, R. Green 51, Morseman 52-100.

Heat Winners- Cecce, Fisher, Morseman, Carpenter, R. Green, Michael.

Consolation Winners- Gullo, Zimmer, Hill.


Did Not Qualify: Erica Bell, Jason Rhodes, Jeff Elliott, Sean Letts, Ray Hyer, Alan Crooker, Chad Sindoni, Keith Keuer, Kane Stebbins, Jason Butler, Rich Sharpsteen II, Cory Costa, Todd Hayward, Chuck Winslow, Mike McCargar, Bubba Peters, Steve Pesarek, Charles Harvey, Carl Cleveland, Ron Hawker, Sid Harmer Jr., Paul Harrington, Chris Stone, Ken Begnouche, George LaVare, Chuck Pruden, Nate Arnold, Blane Smith, Russ Marsden, Dan Smart, Jason Rumsey, Byron DeWitt, Daryl Krebs, Scott Smith, Rich Sharpsteen I, Dave Matwiejow, Josh Parker, Mark Shipman, Ted Mascho, Zach Teed, Jason Townsend, Michael Cooper, Nick Robinson, Dennis Beardslea, Steve Faulkner,


Modified Feature (25 Laps)-  RYAN SUSICE, Alan Johnson, Chris Hile, Brady Fultz, Ray Bliss, Joe August Jr., Billy Van Pelt, Chad Homan, Donnie Lawson, Alan Barker, Ken Titus, Fran Hilton, Chris Daugherty, Scott Boudinot, Ron White, Dale Welty, Joe Dgien, Bob Henry Jr., Ron Cartwright Jr., Mike Bills, Chris Daugherty, Eric Fisher, Dave DuBois, Mike O’Brien.


Lap Leaders- Welty 1-3, Susice 4-7, Henry 8-15, Susice 16-25.

Heat Winners- Bliss, Fultz, Susice, Fisher

Consolation Winners- Hilton, Boudinot


Did Not Qualify: Steve Babicek, Dave Allen, Zack VanNordstrand, Eldon Payne Jr., Jim LaRock, Terry Knoblock, Marcus Dinkins, Jim Johnson, Eric Williams, Chris Clark, Lee Bills, Lance Willix, Chris Ostrowsky, Brian Swarthout, Don Slover, Tommy Flannigan, Daryl Hilkert, Randy Brokaw, Greg Birosh, John Venuto, Ross Vleck, Jim Walsh.


Crate Sportsman Feature (26 Laps)- BOYD MacTAVISH, Greg Martin, Brad Rouse, George Bosse, Fran Hilton, Josh Nobriga, Earl Rudy, A.J. Lloyd, Rod Mullen, Phil Vigneri, Chris Daugherty, Ricky Newton, Ray Bliss, Donnie Lawson, Ross Vleck, Dale Welty, Chris Silvers, Loren Lincoln, Josh Livingston, Nicole Hoag, Rob Humphreys, Brett Buono, Bob Buono, Scott Waters.


Lap Leader- MacTavish 1-26.

Heat Winners- Martin, Humphreys, Daugherty, Vigneri.

Consolation Winners- Rudy, Bliss.


Did Not Qualify: Jason Simmons, Chris Hulsizer, Ben Wheeler, John Hargrave, Brent Ayers, Josh Livingston, Craig Gardner, Jim Spano, Rich Riggs, Frank Kline, Chris Brokway, Brandon Butler, Tim Schneider, Chris Mangerelli, Doug Smith, Jeff Hunter, Ryan Tracy.


Late Model Feature (25 Laps)- BRYCE DAVIS, A.J. Kingsley, Billy VanPelt, Greg Belyea, Shayne Tenace, Dustin Waters, Buck Payne, Carl Cleveland, Jared Hill, Steve LeBarron, Jay McConnell, Doug Jones, Bill Miller, Steve Williams, Duston Hanlon, Dan Cobb, Rick Miller, Quinn Sutherland, Bob Babbitt, David McDonald, Jessica Robertson (DNS).


Lap Leaders- Sutherland 1, Davis 2-25.

Heat Winners- Kingsley, Davis.


World Products IMCA Modified Empire Series Feature (25 Laps)- DALE SCHWEIKART, Dan Searles, Eddie Sites, George Fultz, Ryan Scott, Harry Ely, Chris Fleming, JJ Courcy, Rich Karlnoski, Ray McClure, Scott Sebring, Tanner Harpell, Jason Tuttle, Nick Griest, Dave Yehl, Brad Sites, Rob Wilcox, Mike Stoddard, Tyler Stoddard, Jared Spaulding, Robert Compton, Shawn Bruce, Matt Roberts, Gary Roberts.


Lap Leaders- Schweikart 1-25.

Heat Winner-Spalding, Sites, Karlnoski, Fultz.

Consolation Winner: McClure


Did Not Qualify: Robert Compton, Tony Harris, Scott Sebring, Kevin VanAmburg, Bernie Baker, Don Alvord, Rich Howard Jr., Larry Colton, Dan Berman.


4-Cylinder Feature (25 Laps)- BILL WERNER, Jason Gleason, Russ Wassner, Cody Baker, James Werner, Brad Rathbun, Mike Ziarno, Adam DelGrosso, Matt Prescott, Dayton Cote, Carl LeBarron, Vernon Flourney, Steve Rogers, Chris Percy, Steven Perkins II, Jacob McConnell, Chris Buhlman, Karl Werener, Craig Mahrt, John Washburn, Greg Covell, Chris Force, Jayson Smart, Chad Ayers (DQ), Patrick Votra (DNS), Josh Sharpsteen (DNS).


Lap Leaders- B. Werner 1-8, Ayers 9-18, Smart 19-24, B. Werner 25.

Heat Winners- Baker, Smart.



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