Mar 29, 2012 10:10 PM EDT

Black Rock Modified Rules for 2012

This race is open competition, but NOT a run-what-ya-brung race.

-Conventional center-steer, Northeastern-style dirt modifieds only; no special cars.
-Body must be DIRT legal, *except sail panels allowed, 65"max. height from ground. -Any brand, any compound tire, right rear maximum 92"x13"
-Maximum one 4 bbl or 2 bbl carburetor only, no multiple carbs, fuel injection, turbo or supercharger.
-Cast iron engine block only, must be V8.
-Cast iron, steel or aluminum heads.
-No SB2 or similar NASCAR-type specialty heads.
-Racing or pump gasoline only.
-362 to 467 cubic inches (big blocks & big small blocks) - 2500 tsp
-361 cubic inches and less - 2400 tsp
   tsp = track scale pounds

We have tried our best to put together a package that will allow the greatest number of cars (DIRTcar & ROC) to be legal as well as competitive. Last year, this race had a good mix of big and small blocks, and neither seemed to have an advantage over the other. Questions call 607-327-1493 
Thank you for racing at Dean Hoag's Black Rock Speedway - 2012 Big Block / Small Block Modified Shootout Schedule
Sat. March 31st - 25 laps - $1500.00 to win - Gates open at 9am - Racing at 1:00pm
Fri. April 20th - 25 Laps - $1500.00 to win - Gates open at 4:30 - Racing at 6:45pm
Sat. Oct.20th - 25 Laps - $1500.00 to win - Gates open at 9am - Racing at 1:00pm
Sat. Nov. 3rd - 50 Laps - $6000.00 to win - Gates open at 9am - Racing at 1:00pm

Friendly Dodge

Friendly Ford

NAPA of Addison, New York

Lanes Yamaha

Macs Dairy Bar

Rock Auto

Knapp & Schlappi