Jun 3, 2012 09:09 PM EST

Black Rock Gets Saturday Show In, Loses Friday/Sunday to Rain

Monster Trucks added to Friday June 8 show, plus new event added for Saturday June 9


Rich Vleck, DUNDEE, NY, (June 3, 2012)- Mother Nature must not have wanted to see the weekly divisions at Black Rock return to the track after a week hiatus.


After moving Friday’s racing card to Sunday Afternoon due to rain, the sixth racing program of the year at Black Rock Speedway was knocked out late in the afternoon after intermittent rain became to heavy and too persistent to provide a reasonable window to get the program in.


There was plenty of time on Sunday Afternoon where racing looked like a very real possibility, as the sun shined beautifully on the 4/10-mile oval, but pop-up showers continued to impact Yates County, with the knockout blow coming at around 5:00 P.M.


Thankfully there is a silver lining from the rain out, as all four monster trucks will return next weekend for two nights of action. The monster trucks have been added to the Friday Night program, which will include the Midstage Vintage Stock Cars and the Original Pizza Logs 600 Micro Sprint Tour.  They will also take center stage on a Saturday event which will feature other highlights yet to be determined.


Action did get in at Black Rock on Saturday Night though, and for monster truck enthusiasts, they got their monies-worth. 


The best was definitely saved for last on Saturday Night as the Monster Truck Freestyle competition will have fans talking for some time.  With the front stretch grandstands absolutely jammed on a beautiful Saturday Night, the Wrecakapalooza 2012 event was a rocking success.


Troy Rose of Fredricksburg, VA, led off in the freestyle competition aboard Hot Tamale, putting on a contending performance, as was the case for Pete Robbins of Collins, NY, who was impressive with Krazy Train.  Their performances would be forgotten though once Bob Robbins did the unthinkable with Aftershock.


Towards the end of his performance, Aftershock hit a tractor tire after completing a bus jump, which knocked off his left-front tire.  Undeterred, Robbins took the three remaining tires and performance a series of 360 degree-donuts to wow the crowd.  It was an amazing performance, but the best was yet to come.


When Mike Hawkins brought Equalizer out on to the course, he lit up the sky as his breaks began to spark.  Next, Equalizer jumped the bus at an angle for a serious speed, and capped it off by flipping a single crushed car on the front stretch and then jumping it while it was upside down.  When the crowd was asked to vote for a winner, their opinion was clear.


In the racing competition earlier in the night, Hot Tamale was the winner over local favorite Aftershock. 


The Total Destruction Demolition Derby was also on hand with Chuck Chapman surviving in the feature event to win the full-sized derby.  The compact division had an adult and youth event, with Alexa Risotto winning the youth class in her first derby. 


The Motorhome vs. School Bus race was again a thrill to watch, with a recreational vehicle stealing the show, holding off three hard-charging student transporters.


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