Jul 26, 2008 12:33 AM EDT

Brady Fultz Repeats at Black Rock

DUNDEE, NY - On a picture-perfect night for racing and a perfect surface at the Black Rock Speedway, the only thing that could top the action on the track would be the fireworks that concluded the night.

Brady Fultz hit his stride in the for the second straight week picking up the win in an exciting Hoselton Automotive Sportsman Division.

Fultz started in eighth but was into third place by lap seven, two laps later he was into second and pressing the issue for the race lead.

After Gary Hotelling lead the opening lap but after a quick caution, Chuck Winslow asserted himself in the race lead on the restart and seemed destined to capture his first feature win. As Fultz moved up, so to did Craig Gardner, who took the lead on the bottom of turn three on lap nine.

Gardner took a significant lead until Fultz moved around Winslow two laps later to give him open track between himself and the leader. His entrance in the corners allowed him to close the gap for the lead and eventually give him a chance to slide around the No. 14s and put himself out front on lap 15.

Fultz would then put the Suzuki No. 70 on cruise control as he checked out for his third win of the season. Gardner was able to hold on for second with point leader Todd Henderson third. Chuck Winslow and Dan Sellen would complete the top-five.

Dave DuBois continued his recent string of success in the Freedom Village USA Late Models, capturing the lead from Quinn Sutherland on a lap six restart and leading the rest of the way for his third win at Black Rock in 2008.

DuBois, of Corfu, NY, used the top of a tacky race surface to move into second early on. When Sutherland chose the inside on the restart, DuBois had his desired line to take the top spot in the No. 012.

The win for DuBois, compounded with Jeremy Wonderling spinning and breaking in his No. 3J, would give DuBois the point lead for the first time this year.

DuBois was checking out from the rest of the pack midway through the evnet, but a lap 15 caution allowed Sutherland and modified regular Dale Welty within reach of the lead, and they would give DuBois a strong battle to the end.

Welty, in only his second start of the year in Scott Brown’s No. 7x, rode the top side just a pair of car lengths of the rear of DuBois, but was not able to do anything more than that, as he would come home in second.

Suthlerand would hold off a hard-charging Mike Smith for fourth, with Rich Karlnoski rounding out the top-five.

Jared Hill picked up his first Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature Win of the season, leading all 17 laps of the shortened event to win in the No. 93.

After the first five laps going green, yellow fever hit the division, as the caution flag came out each of the next five laps.

Hill had a number of competitors breathing down his during the feature, including Rich Green who was side-by-side for the lead when the yellow and checkered flags were displayed.

Frank Guererri Jr. was fast for the second straight week, abusing the bumper of Hill. Just short of halfway he cut down his right front tire though and pulled it pit side, opening up the door for Rich Talada and Rich Green to battle with Hill for the win.

Hill continued to stay steady on the top, keeping his momentum up and keeping his No. 93 out front.

On lap 17, which would turn out to be the final lap, Rich Sharpsteen and Chris Fisher, the top two in points, were involved in an incident on the frontstretch with Rich Talada well battling for third. With those three losing their spot in the top-five, it would open up the door for Frank Chapman Jr., Nicole Barzee and Larry Fenton Jr. to complete the top-five behind Hill and Green.

In perhaps the most thrilling race of the night, the Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinders put on a fantastic show with a four-car battled up front for the balance of the 20-lap event.

Chris Woodard climbed himself up front from deep in the pack by using the top side, he would lead Jon Wallenbeck, Rich Sharpsteen II and Joe Povoski for a number of laps until it came down to the end.

With two laps remaining, Joe Povoski cut down a tire and was forced to take his car pitside, at the same time Wallenbeck made a move underneath Woodard for the lead and brought Sharpsteen with him. After taking the lead, Wallenbeck’s No. 24 began to show smoke, eventually blowing up as he came underneath the checkered flag.

“I felt it going on lap three and figured I would just ride it out,” said Wallenbeck. “I figured it was either going to blow up or we might be able to win. We have been running this motor for four years so we were expecting it any time now.”

Sharpsteen would cross in second with Woodard third ahead of Chad Ayers and Scott Woodruff.

Dylan Cecee continued his dominance of the Home Necessities Bandits, taking the lead on lap two and running away from the pack to capture his seventh win of the season. While he was cruising to the win, a fierce battle was on behind him with Courtney McMinds surviving the contest with her best career finish in second. Jamie Eldridge Jr. was a solid third with Cody Moorehouse and David Ahouse rounding out the top-five.

Black Rock Speedway Results: 7/25/2008-

Lakeside Lanes, Calacino Electric, Pepsi, Camping World and Arnot Mall Night

Hoselton Auto Mall Crate Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- BRADY FULTZ, Craig Gardner, Todd Henderson, Chuck Winslow, Dan Selen, Gary Hotelling, Brett Buono, Greg Crooker, Greg Hixson, Fran Hilton, Loren Lincoln, Rick Willsey, Kerry Ball, Marcus Dinkins.

Lap Leader- Hotelling 1, Winslow 2-8, Gardner 9-14, Fultz 15-20.

Heat Winners- Henderson, Fultz.

Freedom Village USA Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- DAVE DuBOIS, Dale Welty, Quinn Sutherland, Mike Smith, Rich Karlnoski, Dave Yehl, Paul Grigsby, Brandon Smith, Alan Wais, Chris Peacock, Nathan Daggett, Tracey Rhoads, Mikey Wonderling, Tim Schramm, Jeremy Wonderling.

Lap Leaders- Sutherland 1-5, DuBois 6-20.

Heat Winners- Sutherland, DuBois.

Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature (17 Laps)- JARED HILL, Rich Green, Frank Chapman Jr., Nicole Barzee, Larry Fenton Jr., Ross Lurcock, Jeremy Perkins, Chris Fisher, Rich Talada, Jim McAfee, Chuck Pruden, Bobby Boynton, Kevin Morrison, Jayme Gilbert, Frank Guererri Jr., George Parker, Chris Force, Jimmy Grant, Rich Sharpsteen, Rob Parker Jr.

Lap Leaders- Hill 1-17.

Heat Winners- Pruden, Chapman, Green.

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- JON WALLENBECK, Rich Sharpsteen, Chris Woodard, Chad Ayers, Scott Woodruff, Terry Povoski, C.J. Winslow, Jack Ayers, Brad Rathbun, Scott Bradley, Brent Kirk, Dave Havens, Del Cummings, Ray Spiecher, Billy Groover, Russ Wassner, Harry Ayers, Erica Bell, Joe Povoski, Brian Thompson.

Lap Leaders- Kirk 1-2, Cummings 3-4, Wallenbeck 5-7, Woodard 8-17, Wallenbeck 18-20.
Heat Winners- J. Ayers, Winslow, Sharpsteen.

Home Necessities Bandits (10 Laps)- DYLAN CECEE, Courtney McMinds, Jamie Eldridge Jr., Cody Moorehouse, David Ahouse, Cody Chisom, Lisa Cornish, Kailey Wassner, Brian Wilson, Chad Winslow, Josh Wallenbeck, Sarah Johnson, Cody Clemens, Zach Teed (DNS).

Lap Leaders- McMinds 1, Cecee 2-10.

Firefighter Enduro #1 Winner (10 Laps)- Bryan Quanz.

Firefighter Enduro #2 Winner (10 Laps)- Lynn Furman.

1-on-1 Enduro Winners: Dustin Knoll, Joe Cron (Truck).

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