Jun 7, 2008 12:57 AM EDT

Steve Paine Outduels Brian Swarthout at Black Rock

DUNDEE, NY - Any time Steve Paine gets into second place in seven laps at Black Rock, it usually means he will win. He did win, but he had to battle for 14 laps with the No. 14 before he went back-to-back.

With the monster trucks on hand for Knight Settlement Sand and Gravel Night, Paine went side-by-side with Brian Swarthout for 14 non-stop laps, swapping the lead three times and diving through lapped traffic, the only thing that could put a stop to the fun was a motor that went sour for Swarthout.

The No. 7x stayed undefeated at Black Rock in the Marbles Automotive Modifieds, as he pulled away in the closing laps, charging hard from 11th to pick up the win.

“Brian ran real good again I just had to wait for an opportunity,” said the Waterloo, NY Veteran. “We got bobbled up by the lapped cars a few time and the second time I was able to get by him.”

Paine peaked into the lead on lap 14, only to see Swarthout sail around on the outside to reclaim the lead. Paine dug hard on the bottom while Swarthout occupied the top and stayed smooth and even with the lead.

“In (turns) 1 and 2, top and bottom was about the same, but in three you had to be up top, and he was there so we just tried the bottom.”

As soon as Paine took the lead on lap 22, he checked out as a plume of smoke began to show off the back end of Swarthout’s modified when he entered the corners. The top two had pulled away by a ˝ lap though and he was able to limp to second.

Dale Welty also came across the line smoking but was third, with Donnie Lawson and Tim Sebring running up to the top five.

Chris Fisher picked up his first win of the year at Black Rock in the Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature. He took the lead on lap 1 but had to hold off point leader Rich Sharpsteen for the final 11 laps to finally pick up the win.

Sharpsteen’s car began to fall off the pace of the Fisher’s Tree Service No. 37, and had to hold on for second. Last week’s winner Rich Talada was able to pick up third.

In the Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinders, Jon Wallenbeck became the beneficiary of a spin out between race leaders Rich Sharpsteen and Joe Povoski, avoiding both and moving up to second. On the restart, Wallenbeck swung around Terry Povoski and drove away to the win.

While Wallenbeck picked up the win, Del Cummings was running stout in second, holding off Terry Povoski. Charging back up to the top-five were Rich Sharpsteen II and Jack Ayers.

After Josh Wallenbeck spun out of second on lap 5, it appeared Cody Moorehouse would cruise to his second straight win in the Home Necessities Bandits. But Moorehouse spun on his own two laps later, allowing David Ahouse the opportunity to pick up the win. Moorehouse charged his way back up to second but spun on the final corner while going after the win. Jamie Eldridge Jr. had a career best second-place run with Chad Winslow third.

To conclude the night, the enduro was a great battle for the first 12 laps until Jeff Palmiter stuck his early race-leading car in the wall. After a lengthy red flag, Bill Werner jumped out into the lead and would not give it up. He would pick up the $1,000 prize.

Racing resumes next Friday as Watkins Glenn NAPA, Owasco Beverage and Sysco Foods presents the BRP CanAm Late Model Series invades the Black Rock Speedway. They will be running time trials for the first time ever to kick off. If you think you know what the fast time will be, place your guess at

Black Rock Speedway Results: 6/6/2008-
Knight Settlement Sand and Gravel & J&J Coots Construction Night

Marbles Automotive Modified Feature (25 Laps)- STEVE PAINE, Brian Swarthout, Dale Welty, Donnie Lawson, Tim Sebring, Eric Fisher, Eldon Payne Jr., Mike Mahaney, Trevor Sutherland, Ron White, Chris Ostrowsky, Kenny Peoples Jr., Serenity Sutherland, Brian Doolittle, Tim Guild, Mark Bristol, Brady Fultz, Dave DuBois, Ron Cartwright Jr., John Pfeffer, Ray Bliss, Marcus Dinkins (DNS).

Lap Leaders- T. Sutherland 1, DuBois 2-5, T. Sutherland 6, DuBois 7, Swarthout 8-13, Paine 14, Swarthout 15-20, Paine 21-25.

Finger Lakes Auto, Truck and Marine/NAPA Up-and-Comer Award- Dale Welty

Heat Winners- Fisher, DuBois, Sebring.

Labatt Blue Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- CHRIS FISHER, Rich Sharpsteen, Rich Talada, Nicole Barzee, Chuck Pruden, Jayme Gilbert, Jeremy Perkins, Chris Force, Kevin Morrison, Mike Schultz, Jared Hill, George Parker, Rob Parker, Lavern Knickerbocker III, Jimmy Grant, Larry Fenton Jr.

Lap Leaders- Force 1, Fisher 2-20.

Heat Winners- Sharpsteen, Hill.

Signs Plus of Kanona 4-Cylinder Feature (20 Laps)- JON WALLENBECK, Del Cummings, Terry Povoski, Rich Sharpsteen II, Jack Ayers, Joe Povoski, Brent Kirk, Scott Bradley, Russ Wassner, Dave Havens, Brad Rathbun, Harry Ayers, Erica Bell, C.J. Winslow, Chad Ayers, Brian Thompson, Scott Woodruff, Ray Speicher, Rich Kelly (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Woodruff 1-6, Sharpsteen 7-9, Wallenbeck 10-20.

Heat Winners- Wallenbeck, Sharpsteen, T. Povoski.

HomeNecessities Bandits (10 Laps)- DAVID AHOUSE, Jamie Eldridge, Chad Winslow, Josh Wallenbeck, Kailey Wassner, Cody Moorehouse, Lisa Cornish, Cody Chisom, Cody Clemens.

Lap Leaders- Eldridge 1, Wallenbeck 2-4, Moorehouse 5-7, Ahouse 8-10.

Enduro (30 Laps)- BILL WERNER.

Lap Leaders- Parmentier 1-8, Werner 9-30.

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